That's Right! You Can Earn
FREE Bounce House Rentals
And Its VERY Simple... So Register Today
... One Customer Spread The Word On Her Face Book Account & Earned $600 worth of Free Bouncer Rentals From 1 POSTING!!! Amazing!!!
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Why are we doing this?...
For over a decade, We here at
Kids Like To Party have
made thousands and thousands of kids happy with our
beautiful bounce houses, obstacle courses & slides but
we didn't do it alone...  Our great customers have spread
the word about us & we are ever so grateful.  Now it's time to reward them back with FREE STUFF...

Here is how it works...
1st) Register with us by using the form below. Then by
email you will receive 20 "$10 Gift Certificates" with your registration ID # on them.

Simply pass these out to your party guests either in your kids goodie bags, and to your friends and family either by hand, facebook, myspace etc... whatever way you wish.

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3rd) When "They Book" their party with us. THEY immediately save $10 off and they can earn FREE bouncer rentals for themselves also. At the time of booking in order to receive their $10 off, we ask them for the ID number from the gift certificate, thus giving YOU a $25 credit towards YOUR FREE RENTALS.

Here is the great part!  Most kids parties have goodie bags of some sort, place some of your cards
in them.  We received hundreds of booking from doing this.. Each booking that submits your ID #
gives YOU another $25 off towards your NEXT bounce house rental.
And remember, you can print & pass out as many gift certificates as you like. You can save hundreds of dollars if not thousands... It's all up to YOU...

One customer spread the word on her face book account & earned $600 worth of free bouncer rentals from 1 POSTING!!! Amazing!!!..
( We also will send you graphics to upload if you wish to do this also)

Another customer posted it on their intranet at work & earned FREE rentals for both their 4th
of July party coming up in 2013 and their children's birthday in August... =) 

How much you earn is up to you... So register TODAY and START EARNING!!!

Rules & Regulations...

*  The following rules & regulations are in addition to our rental agreement which can be
    found here.... 
View Our Rental Agreement

*  Rules and regulations are subject to change at anytime. Look here for the latest updated rules
   & regulations.

* This special offer starts officially as of Jan 1 2012 and to be fair to all customers, any prior
   referrals or bookings before this date are not considered. As of yet, there is no ending day to this
   offer, however if we feel we need to end this, you will NOT lose any credits you have already
   earned & you will be notified by email 30 days prior to its ending date.

* Each $25 credit earned through this program is earned in what we call "Kids Dollars"
   (Like Disney Dollars) and has NO CASH VALUE at anytime.  "Kids Dollars" can only be used
   towards bounce house rentals, obstacle course rentals, water slide rentals & dry slide rentals

* "Kids Dollars" can NOT be used towards any delivery costs, gold tickets, gift certificates,
    food rental machines or supplies for machines or anything else other than Inflatable Rentals. 

* Kids Like To Party will keep track of any amount of "Kids Dollars" you may have earned,  used
  & your remaining balance etc.... Kids Like To Party will also email you once someone has used
  your referral ID at time of booking and pending completion of their booking party date
  (incase they cancel) you will receive a referral credit in the amount of $25 payable in"Kids Dollars"

* "Kids Dollars" earned by you can ONLY be used by YOU and can NOT be transferred or sold to
   anyone else either in person or to an organization or committee...

* This special offer is intended to help & thank the residential customers only and credits earned
   or credits used for commercial businesses or large public organizations such as towns & schools
   etc... are not  allowed due to the fact that commercial business or large public organizations such
   as towns & schools are given special discount prices already that are not available to residential
   customers.  With that being said... Kids Like To Party has the right to refuse or not approve
   credits being used if we feel that it is not in good faith...

* KIDS DOLLARS must be told to KidsLikeToParty at time of booking if you wish to use these.

*  For payments already made to a reservation, no refunds will be given in exchange for KidsDollars
   earned regardless of when they were earned. however your KidsDollars will not expire and can
   be used towards any bouncer balance or future order.

* Due to the bounce houses & slides costing thousands of dollars, for security reasons, even if
   you are entitled to a Free Bouncer Rental, A security deposit of $75 per bounce house is STILL
   due at time of booking & will be fully refunded back to you when the unit is safely returned
   on time, cleaned & undamaged... Please allow up to 7 business days to see the refund.

* This offer can not be combined with any other offer or previous sale.

*  The $10 gift certificates can NOT be used by you seeing if its turned in you will already
    receive $25 payable in KidsDollars.

* Only 1 $10 gift certificate can be used at a time and can not be combined for a higher amount.


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